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Everything about Miss Emma's Soap

"The gift of water, air, soap and time allows us to heal and relieve our psyche and soul."

~ Byllye Avery

Miss Emma's Everyday Soaps are formulated and customised with the most natural ingredients. We use Australia olive oil, coconut oil and other plant-based oils/ butters with fresh brewed tea or infused oils to ensure the soap is gentle, soothing, moisturising and brings good cleanliness to your skin.


All the soaps are handmade by the cold process method which is involved in the saponification processes found in nature that turn beautiful oils (fatty acids) into soap over time. Cold process is the most ancient method used to make soap and has been passed down through generations. The cold process method is known to create the gentlest, moisturising, and long-lasting natural soaps.

We provide unscented soaps which are the best options for sensitive skin. If you have problematic skin like Emma, the unscented soaps are the safest choices for you. Baby Selection is special customised for delicate skin with less cleaning ability but higher percentage of oils left on the skin after shower or bath. We also provide scented soaps with mild, earthy and soothing smells to bring pleasantness to your shower time. All the essential oils/ fragrant oils are carefully calculated with the minimal amounts added in the soap making process - as we know that essential/fragrant oils can be the triggers for some skin allergies.

Every Miss Emma's Everyday soap has a small touch of Aloe Vera which gives the soap extra moisturising properties.


We don't use mica to make bright or fancy colourful soaps. We only use nature clay to bring ours soap with the very earthy colour.

All the soaps are handmade in small batches. Each soap is unique and individual from batch-to-batch handcrafting - and therein lies the beauty of handcrafting soap as every soap is special.

We believe in eco-friendly products, so we don't over packaging the soap for delivery. We are not only committed to chemical-free soaps, but also try to be nice to the environment. 


Our mission is to provide you and your loved ones the most natural, gentle and moisturising soap. We hope you appreciate the effort we dedicate to our project.

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