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Why making my own soap?

Emma is my niece- A cute little 8-year-old girl who gave me the motivation to learn how to make soap.

Emma 01_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Emma has been having very bad chronic inflammatory skin condition since she was little. The very bad eczema not just cause the discomfort for her daily life, it even slows down her growing. She has gone through so much and now she is under a highly specialised treatment that requires her to get injections every other week.

I know my soap won’t be able to cure her, but I aim to provide her the most natural and pure soap in the world. Hopefully one day she can enjoy shower or bath time just like any other child.

Therefore, I dedicate myself to make soaps with natural ingredients. Beautiful plant-based oils are the basic soap foundation, the rest of the ingredients are from my kitchen or garden. Except lye, our soaps contain no other chemical additives as they are usually the reasons to cause skin allergies for those sensitive skin. They are 100% handmade with all my love and caring for Emma.

The little Emma has given me a mission and here is my journey started....

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