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The easy way to make your own soap dish

I personally don't like most of the soap dishes as instead of draining the water, they accumulate more water in the dish. But natural soaps really need a good draining system so the soaps can last longer.

Don't worry. We got a solution for you. All you need is 3 things:

Normal kitchen dish.



you must have some small dishes sitting in the corner in your kitchen and you almost forgot them. Grab one to make them useful! The sponge can be any type of sponge. You can use the heavy duty side or the soft sponge side- it's totally your personal choice.

Use scissors to cut the sponge to the right size for your dish. you don't need to worry about if the cutting side is not perfect because you won't see it! ;)

Put the sponge into the dish, and that's it! Isn't it easy??

It's so good for draining the water so your soaps will always stay dry between uses.

The soap looks very comfy in the homemade soap dish! :)

Tips: When the sponge absorb a lot of the soapy water, I use it to clean my bathtub. I don't like to use bathroom cleaning detergent to clean my bathtub as I always worry some chemicals might be left on the surface. I find this soapy sponge is just perfect to clean it. Truly zero waste of the soap!

You can also use the different colour sponge to make your soap dishes colourful~~

I have two in my bathroom, one for body bar and one for soap bag.

Make your own soap dish this weekend and don't forget to show me your beautiful project!

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