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Four Soaps Box

Four Soaps Box

SKU: 4soapbox

Can't decide which soap you'd like more?

Why not having 4 soaps to try and save some money!


Four soap box: four handmade soaps with a natural sisal soap bag! You can choose from our different combinations for your preference.


We can also wrap them as a gift for you and it only costs you extra $5.



    Flora box :

    Lavender , Calndula, Dusty Rose, Chamomile


    Earthy box:

    Aloe vera and Peppermint, Tradie's Love, Sandwood and Turmeric, ginger and brown rice.


    Forest box:

    Australia bush, Turmeric & ginger & brown rice, wormwood, Aleo vera and peppermint


    Unscented  box:

    Chamomile, Wormwood, baby duck and galaxcy. 



    Pick from these 4 options and we will pack for you.


    If you have special request, please email us for more information. (


    Flat shipping fee AUD$10 under 5 kg.

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