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Where is the soap made?

We are a small business based in Sydney, Australia. Every soap is handmade in small batches in our studio with love and care.

How long does soap last?

Our soap DOES NOT contain any preservatives. We recommend you use Miss Emma's everyday soap within one year after purchase.

Is it palm oil free?

Yes, we DO NOT use any palm oil in our soap bars.

Is it vegan?

We usually use honey in most of our soap making, so it's NOT vegan for most of our soaps. We might introduce some vegan soaps in the future.

Any preservatives or chemicals in your soap?

NO. Our soap has no hardener, preservatives or any hassle chemicals. 

Why my soap looks different from last order?

Our soaps are all handmade in small batches and hand cut by ourselves, hence every soap is unique and special. The design might vary from batch to batch- it depends on our creativity! Our soaps are average in weight 110g ±10%. Please allow the slightly weight difference in each bar . 

Can you use body soap bar to wash your face?

Our soaps are gentle and moisturising for body wash. For facial- it's more like a personal preference and depends on your skin condition. I personally use Miss Emma's Everyday Soap from head to toe everyday and I love how my facial skin feels after shower. You could do a little bit experiment yourself. Please avoid contact eyes though.

Can you use body soap bar to wash your hair?

We have shampoo bar specifically designed for hair wash (coming soon). The differences of shampoo bar and body bar are the different oil percentage left in the bar after rinse-off. We suggest you use shampoo bar to wash your hair instead of body bar; however, you can always have some fun experiments in your shower time with our soaps.

What's the difference of your soap bar and commercial soap bar?

Commercial shampoo and soap bar are made with detergent, surfactant, hardener, and chemicals (just look at the ingredients description on the packing). Natural soap bars are made by mixing oils and lye, and then allow the saponification happened naturally to form a solid soap bar, and when the process is finished, there is no lye left in the bar but only soap and some oils for moisturising your skin. Every recipe is customised to provide enough moisture while cleaning your skin/ hair with all the natural touches.


We use all the natural ingredients and no hassle chemicals in our soap bars, we are confident with our products. But everyone's skin condition is different. If you are prone to have allergies, please read our ingredients on the website carefully. If any irritation observed, please discontinue using it and rinse with a lot of water.

Do you test on animals?

NO. All the soaps are tested by our beloved families and friends.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes, we certainly do. Please contact us through email ( for more information.

Any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us with your comments, feedbacks or if there is any thing you'd like to know about our soaps. We are happy to answer all your questions.

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