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Emma and Me

This picture was taken when Emma was 4 years old. I took her to a park to have a bit playtime in the playground. It was before her skin condition started getting really serious. I spent a relaxing sunny afternoon with this cute little girl- and that beautiful smile is the reason that I started making soaps, and now try to turn it into a small business.

I was born in Taiwan and have been living and working in Sydney for 10 years. As a trained medical scientist in cardiovascular and nanoparticle research, what I do everyday is problem-solving.  Over than 15 years professional training in research, I have learnt to mind the details and see the reasons that behind the problems. Medical science indeed can help eczema in many ways, but what really causes the allergy is the fundamental issues need to be addressed. With all the chemicals infiltrating in our daily basis environment, I wonder what they have been affecting us along the way even to our next generation.


Having the modern knowledge in science with a strong believe in natural power has brought me to this wonderful journey, and I have determined to do something for little Emma. Hopefully someday, we can all live in the world with less chemicals, and Emma can finally get better and enjoy her shower time with every touch of the nature can provide her.



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