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Soap bag

Soap bag

SKU: Emma901

Natural soap bags can help to generate consistent lather and bubbles. The soft but gentle exfoliating touch of sisal will make your skin feel clean and wonderful.


How to use:

For the first time to use it, please put the soap inside of  the soap bag and use your hands to rub it with water till the lather starts coming out. Apply the soap bag (with soap inside) directly on your body (or hair if you use shampoo bar) for deeper cleaning. Drain the soap bag with soap between uses to prolong the soap lifespan.



Tips: When the soap is getting too small after many washes, I like to put it in the soap bag to make sure that I can use the very last of it.  I sometimes even mix different tiny soaps for a fun shower time.




    Nature sisal soap bags


    Drain the soap bag (with soap inside) between uses to prolong the soap's lifespan.


    Flat shipping fee $10

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